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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Can I participate even though I am not a car designer nor related to the car industry?

A1. Yes, you can. We welcome artists and designers from diverse fields, not only those specialized in the car and vehicle industry. We look forward to unique masterpieces from you!


Q2. Can children participate?

A2. Unfortunately not. We do not accept the works of children, as the project objective is to launch a charity event focused on original mini-4WDs created by artists and designers from the car industry and various other fields. It is indeed a good idea to invite children, though this time the little ones can cheer their dads (and moms) to work for this creative project. (Although we do not consider the works of children for this charity event, the eager ones can work on their own masterpiece for the fun of it, along with their parents.)

We are planning a session to invite children to have fun crafting their own original mini-4WDs during the event period.


Q3. The deadline is too soon!

A3. The deadline for the first charity event is April 18, 2011, though this date could change. We are planning several additional exhibitions, and their deadlines will be set accordingly. Even if you cannot make it to the first deadline, please continue your work at your own pace. We will continue organizing the successive events over a long span of time.


Q4. Why do you focus on mini-4WDs?

A4. There are several reasons. First of all, we think it important to display items that children at evacuation shelters can actually play with. Once they see something cool on display, they can try making one themselves and have it run in the driving course. Through this event, we wish to offer an opportunity for these children to experience a joy of crafting.

We also care about making the event accessible for artists and designers to encourage their participation. The cost and work involved in creating a mini-4WD is relatively modest, and yet each designer can apply his/her special skills and unique ideas to its design. We also see that building different variations of a same mini-4WD base model will lead to an interesting contrast among the final products reflecting various skills and ideas of participants.


Q5. Can't it be the case that this project could hinder the aid efforts to provide basic needs (such as food, shelter and clothing) for the victims?

A5. It is difficult to say that this would never be the case. We think it very important to monitor the situation on the ground and adjust our work accordingly. However, we are also convinced that, as the stay at the shelters prolongs, there will be greater needs for the children, often with sensitive minds, to ease their tension and have a fun break. Get excited over cool mini-4WDs and try to craft one themselves. This could be just a modest step, but we wish to make best efforts to help children start walking towards a better tomorrow.



many thanks to Saori Kitajima for translation.

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